About Us

OrgreenX Pest Control is a local family-owned and operated business.

Our Mission
OrgreenX Pest Control will provide a non-chemical and healthy approach that protects your home, business and lawn. More importantly we protect your family’s health from pesticides, insects, termites and allergies caused by the chemicals in your home. Our organic method will help improve standards that will accelerate the protection and restoration of our Florida’s waters.

Our Commitment
Is to preserve Florida’s water through the use of non chemical pest control formulas with our Organic and non toxic products. Our main concern is to keep our families and pets healthy with a chemical free pest control product that provides an alternative and green solution. Using this method, pesticides are suppressed throughout the inside and outside of your home or business, without the dangers of a chemically enhanced service.  With regular monthly visits we guarantee a safe, green, and healthy lawn, without the incursion of various insects.

Through our pest control services, we encourage our clients to team up with OrgreenX, contributing to a healthier and cleaner environment. By making available the use of a sanctioned non-chemical pest control product that is approved by the EPA, we have the ability to offer an alternative balance with better results. The OrgreenX family believes that through our pest control services, together we can leave our footprint behind with a healthier and cleaner Earth.

OrgreenX pest control is a company founded on results. We are confident that by using our Organic and non toxic pest control product applications, your lawns will stay green and healthy through Florida’s diverse weather patterns.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee ALL of our pest control services which include Organic Lawn Fertilization, Ultra Low Volume Cold fog for bed bugs (ULV), Termite & other wood-destroying organism’s, prevention and eradication of most pests, Indoor Pest control prevention programs.



“OrgreenX – Flea-X has been a very popular product with our customers. It is safe and effective treatment to kill/repel fleas (and almost any other bug we’ve tried it on). We love the fact that it’s Organic and we aren’t inundating our pets with insecticide.” –Michelle at Amy’s Natural Pet Pantry

Thank you so much for finally coming out with a non-toxic and Organic spray solution for my dogs…I have never felt comfortable placing those chemically enduced spot drops on them”. —Lisa Hodo